When Exchange operates its transaction It facilitate to trader to take or give the delivery of traded commodity. The buyer and seller of the commodity can take the delivery of commodity which they make trade. The term related with delivery

Approved warehouse
An exchange appoints the warehouse to facilitate the delivery mechanisms. Exchanges give its location warehouse capacity and daily transaction of warehouse to public. Warehouse maintains the quality of commodity.

Tender notice
Exchange called to trader to give clear their intention whether they want to settle transaction electronically or physical delivery in tender notice period. Those traders who are willing to take or give the delivery they send their interest for the physical delivery.

Approved quality testing agencies

Exchange incorporate the commodity testing and qualifying companies to validate whether traded commodities met the standard reveal in the contract specification  The quality testing agencies are engaged in verifying the quality to avoid the transaction default or to help  manage possible conflict between buyer and seller.

Quantity specification of commodity
Exchange has clearly design in contract specification about the delivery of commodity, its quantity of delivery units, quality and warehouse location, penalties on delivery default and other terms related with delivery system.

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