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Nepal Derivative Exchange (NDEX) is a state of art online commodity and derivative exchange operating in Nepal. In the world of increasing volatility, NDEX is the best platform to manage risk across the major commodities from precious metals to base metals, from agro commodities to energies. It is one of the best and most diverse derivative exchanges encompassing the widest range of benchmarked product available. It brings buyers and sellers together on the electronic trading floor of NDEX. It provides you with the tools you need to meet your objectives and achieve financial goals.

NDEX, professionally managed by a team of young Nepal based entrepreneurs, was incorporated on November 20, 2008 under the Company Act, 2063 of Nepal. It is committed towards revolutionizing the commodity derivative market in Nepal. Our aim is to empower the market participants, stakeholders, investors through innovative product offering, technology and risk assessment, forecasting and managing tools. We are here to transform Nepalese economy to more vibrant, transparent and accessible marketplace to farmers, producers, traders, financers and government.

To achieve our goal we are working closely with government of Nepal and its agencies, international exchanges, policy makers and regulators, technology providers, our market participants and stakeholders.

Value proposition

  • Trading commodities are standardized contracts and participants are antonymous ensuring that the benchmark price is extracted through the electronic trading system.
  • NDEX enables sellers and buyers to protect price risk of the commodity from the adverse effects of price volatility in the market.
  • NDEX is equipped with modern banking facilities available in Nepal, which includes online fund transfer, instant deposit and withdrawal in co-operation with our banking partner.
  • Opportunity to profit in a wide variety of commodities available around the world.
  •  Opportunity to diversify investment portfolio.
  • Opportunity of Margin Trading
  • Opportunity to participate in trading round the clock trading
  • Genuine and transparent price discovery mechanism.
  • Variety of contract size and period available as per the necessity and capacity of traders /investors.
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