Circular no.
3-March-2017 NDEX/Trading Market Operation Department Change in Margin
10-July-2016 NDEX/Trading/16/02 Market Operation Department Change in Required Margin
3-July-2016 NDEX/Trading/16/01 Market Operation Department Change in Required Margin
28-Aug-2015NDEX/Trading/15/02Market Operation DepartmentChange in Margin
9-March-15 NDEX/TNS/015/01 Market Operation
Commencement of New Contracts
15-Dec-14 NDEX/TNS/014/13 Trading and Surveillance Lot Management
13-May-14NDEX/TNS/14/12 Trading & Surveillance Trade Authorization
4-Jan-14NDEX/Trading/010/04 Compliance Trading Membership Policy
16-May-11NDEX/Trading/011/02 Compliance Policy for commission
16-Feb-11NDEX/Trading/011/01 Clearing & Settlement Rules for Equity maintenance
27-Sep-10NDEX/Trading/010/05 Clearing & Settlement Lot Management
4-Mar-10 NDEX/Trading/010/02 Clearing & Settlement Mark to Margin
4-Jan-10 NDEX/TNS/14/12 Compliance Policy for commission
4-Jan-10 NDEX/Trading/010/01 Clearing & Settlement Banking Transaction
4-Jan-10 NDEX/Trading/010/03 Market operation Service Charge distribution

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